Zach's Advice to Buyers

I love working with buyers. My favorite part of my job is helping someone find his or her dream property. I work very hard to know the best deals for my buyers. I need to know what you are looking for. Please fill out this simple form. I will not harass you with calls or put you on any junk mail list. I will send you a monthly market report that updates you on the market and tells you what has sold. If you would like, I will also email you information on new or reduced properties that you may be interested in. I will work diligently to find what you are looking for at the price you want to pay.

If you are planning to buy, or even thinking about buying, use a Realtor. I'm not saying that because I am a Realtor. I'm advising you to use a Realtor because it will not cost you a penny. The seller is the one who pays the Realtor, not the buyer. Realtors can provide you with all kinds of information on the different properties for sale. A knowledgeable Realtor can show you any property that is listed, no matter what company has "listed" the property and can make finding your dream property easier than you ever imagined.

The current market offers some of the best deals seen in years, but you must also be careful of what I believe are some extremely overpriced listings. There are identical units listed which differ in price by hundreds of thousands of dollars from Realtor to Realtor.

Do your homework and follow the market closely. Keep coming back to the Top 25 link and Top15 Lot Deals to see if they are going under contract. You've seen the statistics and understand that now is the time you can get some great deals. If you have any specific questions about a property please ask me.