Joey Miller

Zach Childs is one of the most knowledgeable realtors that I have ever worked with on a real estate transaction. He knows Mexico Beach/Port St. Joe/Cape San Blas inside and out. He was helpful with knowledge of flood zones and permitting. He even met us after hours to show us some property.


Zach Child’s with 98 Real Estate made our entire selling process a great one. He was great to work with, easy to get a hold of if we had any questions or concerns, and was very knowledgeable of the area. I feel like he got us the best deal possible and I’m so glad we chose 98 Real Estate to work  with!


Zach and his staff @ 98 Reality was very helpful during our purchase. This was a not an easy transaction but Zach took all the worries out for my family. I really enjoyed working with Zach and his staff. They absolutely have the best knowledge of property and how to get things done in our area. I  would highly recommend anyone looking at purchasing or selling property in this area to reach to Zach for assistance!

Bill Webb

Well, we simply had an unbelievably great experience with Zach Childs, the owner of 98 Real Estate Group, who acted as our real estate agent for the recent sale of our vacation home in Mexico Beach, Florida.  Zach did a very quick and efficient job of getting our home listed, with very good photographic work, including a virtual tour, and an innovative drone photo showing the near proximity to the beach.  I think it was Zach’s excellent work which got us a full price offer within THREE DAYS of the listing going live. We closed on schedule, and completed our goal of selling our place well before we had expected.  We gladly recommend Zach Childs for any of your real estate needs, and are confident he is the best real estate professional in the area.

Patrick Jonas

REI Real state teams groups sharing education across the globe with one of the best mentors in the business of wholesaling properties in all area we keep investors connected bout privacy and public Thank you, Zack Childress great teams networking reading analogy finance.

BBrock, St Joe Beach

From one Real Estate professional to another, I highly recommend Zach Childs as your Beach Realtor. He covers a wide range of areas to his expertise.Brought me a Buyer within 4 weeks. His marketing skills are excellent. Thank you, Zach Childs!

Michael C. Chastain, Bates Engineers/Contractors, Inc.

“I couldn’t be more pleased with the way Zach handled my recent purchase at Mexico Beach. At every stage of the process, he showed excellent knowledge of the business and the upmost professionalism. He was all together a great agent and will be the person I contact for any future real estate transactions.”

Rob and Noelle

“Five Stars All the Way! We used Zach Childs to purchase a beach getaway house along the Forgotten Coast in 2015. Up until the point we made our first call to Zach, we did not know him at all. After working with him for nearly two years it’s easy to give him five stars in all of the following qualities a real estate agent should posses.

Knowledge of his marketplace: Zach has lived and worked in Mexico Beach for more than 13 years. When we began our search for a house along the Forgotten Coast, he took the time to explain all the ins and outs of buying coastal property from special DEP Zones, to flood zones, to conforming and nonconforming structures, to variances, to setbacks. Zach is extremely well versed in all these variables in both Bay and Gulf counties, which can be very different. In addition, he is well attuned to the buyer/seller rhythms in his area. He listens to wants and wishes, respects budget limitations and can dial in a list of properties that are a fit.

Patience: We spent almost two years “kicking tires” with Zach before finally making a purchase. During that time, we looked at over a dozen properties and not once did Zach ever push or hurry us along to make a decision. He was always ready and willing to meet us at yet another property to let us in and give us all the details. He helped us stay the course through the whole house shopping process.

Honesty: No matter which property we looked at, Zach was always up front and honest with any issues the property might have had, from possible building restrictions to possible insurance issues, he made us aware of any problems that might arise. At one point, he even kept us from making a huge mistake in paying too much for a property by advising us to pass on it and be patient. In the end we ended up with a place that was a perfect fit for our needs and our pocketbooks.

Integrity: Zach went out of his way to make sure everything went exactly right with our purchase, personally vetting the process every step of the way with us. Even after the purchase, he made sure we got in touch any type of local service we might need to help us make the most of our new home at the beach.”

Jeff and Jo Player

“These are ALL true facts about you. Thank you so much for everything you have done. We couldn’t be happier with our new home and couldn’t have done it without you.

Zach helped us find our PERFECT home! During the whole process, he was patient, professional and knowledgeable. He was always punctual to all of our appointments and helped guide us in our decision process. Our home was a short sale home and we were really nervous that something would go wrong. Zach was always there to give us updates and any progress on the house which was very helpful. I would highly recommend Zach. He is a great realtor. Thanks for helping us find our home.”

Tim and Terry Colwell

“To say the least, we were not disappointed in our choice. Zach was knowledgeable and could immediately and accurately answer just about any question we had on the spot. If he was not sure on an issue, he would make the necessary calls and have us an answer in record time. During our search, offering stage, and closing, we could not have been happier with his services. Even after closing, he has kept us posted on local information and answered several questions for us. We are so very happy to have worked with Zach Childs!!!”