“Zach Childs has been and continues to be unfailingly helpful and knowledgeable. My wife and decided to buy a home on St Joe Beach at thanksgiving last year. Zach took all the time needed to show us around the entire area, and when we found a home we were interested in, Zach proceeded to save us thousands of dollars on the home during negotiations with the seller. He has been incredibly helpful in providing help and information with everything we needed from hiring local contractors, to finding the best deals on insurance. We signed a contract at Thanksgiving last year, and had closed on the home and moved furniture in by Christmas.
Zach has since also turned out to be a great friend and a great neighbor. He even joined in a rescue operation with our new neighbors to find one of our dogs on a Saturday, who had escaped from our yard while we were gone! My wife and i are ecstatic with our home on the beach, and none of it would have happened without Zach’s tireless efforts and “Can do” attitude. We cannot say enough positive things about Zach and are thinking about buying a second property now in the same area. No points for guessing who we can’t wait work with again?
As a sales manager for a major corporation in the South East, Customer service, communication and trust are everything to me, and Zach exemplifies all these qualities.
Thank you again for all you do for us Zach.”

— Andy Cave, Sales manager, Birmingham AL

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