“My husband and I moved from Rhode Island to Mexico Beach in late 2012 when I was offered my dream job at Tyndall Air Force Base. We started our home search about nine months after our move to town because we knew that Mexico Beach was meant to be our forever home. Our choice of who to use as a realtor was easy; Zach is my baby brother and I have had the pleasure of watching him grow into an astute business man as well as a proud citizen of Mexico Beach. We had fairly specific criteria and high standards for what we hope will be our forever house and a strict budget to make the challenge more interesting. Zach listened to what we wanted, needed and considered important. Most importantly to us, Zach never applied any pressure to make a decision, an offer, or to venture outside of our budget. He knows the history of the town and of the market as well as if not better than anyone I can imagine. He truly loves Mexico Beach, its residents,and his job, which makes working with him a real pleasure. The first home that we saw (but not the only) was the home that we put an offer on and with Zach’s guidance and help we purchased it at a very fair price. The entire process felt seamless and there was no last minute scrambling for documents (thanks to his recommendation of Centennial Bank and Amber Lowry too) or haggling over insignificant details. Thanks to Zach’s help, Nick and I found a home that meets all of our needs and suits our lifestyles perfectly. My commute to Tyndall is 15 miles without a traffic light; I often ride my bike to work and I cannot imagine raising a family anywhere else. Zach is a fantastic ambassador for the town and as his sales record shows, an awesome realtor to work with.”

— April and Nick Wisdom

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