“Zach; THANK YOU! from the Walden family. For years we have wanted to find a vacation home at the beach. After looking at Zach’s web site and reading his blog in the early summer we knew Mexico Beach was where we wanted to be. On our visit on Sunday of Labor day weekend Zach was able to show us several properties, some that needed work and some that were move in ready. Later the next week we had found “the one for us”.
Zach stayed in touch with us and responded promptly each time we called which was several times. Once we were ready to close, Zach was able to arrange the closing within four days. Zach was very helpful and knowledgeable from recommending contractors and painters and even meeting with them when we were not able to be at the property. Zach’s attention to detail made our experience of purchasing a vacation home a pleasure.
Zach is in my opinion the most educated and informed real estate professional in the forgotten coast region. He has guided me through multiple property purchases from Mexico Beach to Carrabelle, all of which I attest to be wise decisions. The most pertinent quality of Zach’s work ethics is the fact that he genuinely puts his client’s interest ahead of his own. He has on countless occasions advised against my curiosity in making offers on property because he did not feel the value warranted the price, and for that display of honesty he will continue to be my real estate broker as long as I own property here in Florida. Thank you for your help Zach.”

— Jeff Howell

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