Regina with 98 Real Estate was my buying agent for a house on Cape San Blas. I live 1,000 miles away from the Cape but I had vacationed there for years. I had been working with her for over a year until I found my perfect beach house. During the search she keep me updated on homes that fit my criteria as soon as they came on the market.

More importantly, she had an excellent understanding of the market prices and trends. For example, I had thought one house was overpriced by $100,000, but Regina said it was priced to sell and would definitely be under contract within 2 days. She was so right, as it was under contract 2 days later. Several months later I saw where the house had sold for $10,000 MORE than the listing price!

Regina listens to what you want and doesn’t pressure you to buy something that is currently available on the market just so she can make a quick sale. As I kept looking there was one house that she encouraged me to take a second look at. This house was outside of my desired price range but had everything I wanted. Because of her deep knowledge of the market, she knew that I wouldn’t get everything I was looking for at my current price range. I did go back and take a second look and ended up buying that house. I’m so happy I did, thanks to Regina! Houses on the Cape are not cheap, but she had earned my trust that it was very unlikely that I would find a house, with everything I wanted, at a lower price. To this day I still keep track of houses for sale on the Cape and I have yet to see anything that I’d want at a lower price.

As great as she was during the search, Regina was even more impressive during the time between the contract offer and settlement. I have never in my life experienced such personal interest in making sure that everything was done right and either on schedule or ahead of schedule. The best I can describe it is that she made me feel like I was a close family member, and not just a client. She kept on top of all communications, schedules, and deadlines with the seller’s agent, home inspector, appraiser etc that I would have normally done but I was so far away. She saved me at least 3-4 roundtrip plane tickets and rental car and lodging costs. Bottom line, the settlement process would have been a lot more stressful and chaotic without Regina’s “above and beyond” actions. She made the process feel easier than it was, and there was no obstacle that she didn’t actively help me overcome.

If you are looking for a home in the Cape San Blas, Port St Joe, Mexico Beach area etc, I definitely recommend that you use Regina with 98 Real Estate as your buying agent. She listens to what you want and doesn’t try to steer you to something that doesn’t fit, just to “make a sale”. She is super involved with the closing process as well. Again, the best that I can describe it is that she is like a close family member who always provides you with the best wisdom and insight, and always, always, has your best interests in mind.

— lnhays70

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