“Zach, I just wanted to let you know how much Patti and myself enjoy having our Mexico Beach House. We know that it would not have been possible to be in the house without your effort. You were an excellent host on our initial visit and most importantly you took the time to understand what we were looking for. There was no attempt on your part to oversell properties that didn’t fit. So when we got the call that the ideal house had come available we were able to react quickly. The buying experience proceeded along as you had described it. You accommodated our concerns and the fact that we didn’t live nearby, you followed up quickly on any questions and didn’t forget about us after the sale. The process was efficient and all your work helping us to get the paperwork done, buy insurance, set up utilities, contact local service people, and even to go by and open the house occasionally really showed how much care and pride you take in doing your job well. We shall always be grateful for your friendliness and your personal approach in helping us find the perfect house, THANKS!”

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